As a company, we're running a homepage with a set of landing pages (10+ of them) and it's becoming quite tedious to keep updating a spam referral list on every one of them individually.

Is it possible to setup ONE exclusion list? Also, is it possible to have this exclusion list update automatically, or is there a source of spammy URL's which we can add in?

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    Can you explain keep updating a spam referral list on every one of them individually more please. Are you using a tool? Are you using .htaccess? What are you talking about? This may help.
    – closetnoc
    Jun 6 '16 at 12:43
  • Hi, I'm just manually picking of spam referrals from the audience acquisition list and adding them to an exclude filter. The issue is, I have 3 exclusion filters per site now as there's so much spam. That's what's taking up all the time.
    – ITS
    Jun 7 '16 at 7:36

I don't believe there is a way to automatically add spam referrers to your filters since it requires a level of human involvement to decide what is real and what is spam especially with the more recent language spam which mimics real site URLs. There are sites that keep a running tab of spam sites.

The 3 filters included in the instructions here have completely removed referral spam from my Google Analytics accounts. #1 & #2 filter crawler spam and #3 Filters language spam. I think the language spam filter is important with this new spam technique and will probably not need to be updated as often.

  1. (best|dollar|success|top1)-seo|(videos|buttons)-for|anticrawler|^scripted.|semalt|forum69|7makemon|sharebutton|ranksonic|sitevaluation|dailyrank|vitaly|profit.xyz|rankings-|dbutton|uptime(bot|check|.com)

  2. datract|hacĸer|ɢoogl|responsive-test|dogsrun|tkpass|free-video|keywords-monitoring|pr-cy.ru|fix-website|checkpagerank|seo-2-0.|platezhka|timer4web|share-buttons|99seo|3-letter

  3. \s[^\s]*\s|.{15,}|.|,


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