We have a webapp and companies can customize the look and feel. Now we'd like them to be able to make the app part of their existing website by allowing them custom subdomains.

For example:

Our app         : www.ourapp.example  
Their site      : www.somecompany.example  
Their subdomain : ourapp.somecompany.example (shows ourapp.example)

Note: www.somecompany.example is an existing website, so we don't want to replace it with our site.

I tried adding a CNAME "ourapp" which points to www.ourapp.example, but it gives me a "Resource not found" error, probably because IIS does not know what to do with the incoming URL?

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You should be able to do this if the DNS Zone Admin for www.somecompany.example adds ourapp.somecompany.example as a subdomain entry pointing to the IP of www.ourapp.example on their DNS server and add ourapp.somecompany.example as a valid domain on your server in IIS.

Not knowing about IIS specifics, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11737065/server-alias-in-iis could be of help.

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