Please imagine the following scenario:

abc.com → 302 (temporary) redirect to def.com
After 6 months, we no longer use def.com, so discard the domain and we buy a new domain xyz.com.

We then do a 302 redirect from abc.com to xyz.com.

Firstly, would abc.com show up back on Google (temporarily, once we delete the 302 redirect)?

And secondly, would this mean def.com would disappear and xyz.com would appear instead of it?


In this situation, def.com would eventually disappear from the index.

Depending on how long you wait, though, abc.com might not show back up again. Google will generally crawl a 302 redirect much less often than a regularly changing page.

If you did exactly what you are proposing, it's theoretically possible that def.com, abc.com and xyz.com could be out of the index for an amount of time.

What I would recommend doing at this stage, to cover all your bases, is to:

  • 301 from abc.com to xyz.com
  • 301 from def.com to xyz.com (i.e. keep def.com registered and active for a bit)

This is because you have no way of knowing whether Google has started directly crawling def.com, and it'd be a pity to effectively tell Google the site is offline until it happens to find it again via one of the other two URLs.

  • Yes would definitely do a 301 from def to xyz however, if keep up the whitehat seo works and keep working on domain abc, would that not keep abc indexed ongoingly even though there is a 302 to def.com? This is provided we do not do SEO work for def, and it will be solely for abc.com May 31 '16 at 23:11

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