I have a custom search page in my website that uses several input forms.

I added an event ga('send', 'event', 'Product', 'click') whenever a user clicks on the product link in the search result list. There are couple other events triggered in the page that are not related to the search result.

I also have added content grouping for the search page since the URL can be really different between search pages based on the input forms.

How do I create a custom report that can show the difference between page views for the content group and the number of events mentioned above?

What have I done is:

  • I added Pageviews and Total Events in a Metric Group
  • I added Page as the Dimension.
  • I added the content group as a filter.

But then I'm not sure if I should add the Event Category = Product and Event Action = click in the filters as I think it will also filter the Pageviews. (Turns out it does)

How should I do it?

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