apologies if this is known science around the web mastering community, I haven't had to worry about content in a number of years and don't know where to start :)

I'm considering implementing Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages for my website. It's my understanding that I can create two different versions of a page -- one for computer browsers, and one for mobile browsers, and then I can use a <link/> tag from the HTML page to point to the amp version

<link rel="amphtml" href="__MY_AMP_URL__">

and in the AMP version of the page, include a canonical link to avoid duplicate content penalties.

<link rel="canonical" href="__MY_REGULAR_HTML_PAGE__">

Are there any best practices, or known science, on where to put the AMP version of the page? Should they be on the same domain, but at a different path?


or on a sub-domain?


or somewhere else? Or does this not matter in the modern world of white hat SEO and content?

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Your understanding of the AMP is absolutely fine.

Regarding your question, I would always prefer a subfolder (on same domain) over subdomain if I need to use canonical tag as search engines doesn't work as good on cross-domain URLs as they on the same domain URLs.

So, I would go with


or even


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