I don't have websites of my own. But i have 1 Google AdSense linked to my YouTube Channel (1 Google account for all).

Can I create another Google account for Blogger and link it to a new AdSense account?

It does not allow me to link a single AdSense account with YouTube and Blogger both.

Or maybe a different family member living in same address can have a separate Google AdSense account as well?


You are not allowed to have multiple AdSense accounts. Just use your first account to generate ad-units, and add these to your blog as HTML/Javascript gadgets. (Assuming of course that your blog meets Google's content guidelines for AdSense.)

  • my adsense is youtube hosted and I also want to use it for blogspot account. but it's not showing any ads on blogspot after monitizing with the adsense account Sep 3 '18 at 14:11

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