I just did a Google Webmaster Tools fetch test on two websites and found that Google is not reading all source code of one of them.

Here Google is not taking my website <title>, <meta>. Google is directly starting from website categories and shows only Links not even their Description and Title.


Your mistaken, Google can see your code, in the fetch test you are suppose to have a horizontal scroll bar and in the screenshot you do not, which would indicate a browser issue, not a Google, or website.

Also, the reason you can see your friends code is because his code is clean (beautified) and yours is a mess. If you fix your browser issue, or use a different browser and look on line 21, scroll right your see your code there.

  • Thankyou i am able to see Full code now. But we are using Same browser which is Android Google chrome, but 1 thing is different i.e He is loolipop user while i am kitkat 4.4.2 user. Anyways Thankyou :-) May 13 '16 at 9:42

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