I have a business name containing two words, say Foo and Bar. The name is always stylized as "Foo Bar", but my domain name is foobar.com. The business name is very unique, so I would expect it to rank highly for both "Foo Bar" and "FooBar".

However, I rank #1 for the phrase "FooBar" but cannot get above page 3 for the phrase "Foo Bar". This problem is on Google only, Bing works fine.

What can I change to rank for the space-separated search phrase?

Search for "Sweetpricing" has #1 position

Search for "Sweet Pricing" yields irrelevant results


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It might take some time until the domain authority reaches a particular level. You might have to create some back links with anchor texts like- "sweet pricing" & "sweetpricing". Try also using internal-linking with anchor texts like that. But Google will take some time to recognize your efforts. Also try create some other social profiles and link back to your site.

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