Grr. This is annoying.

Everything was working OK until I installed/set-up CloudFlare, and since then I haven't been able to sent or receive to/from other domains.

  • CloudFlare and my host both say the MX record is pointing to 'mail.example.com' with a Priority 0.

Thanks for any help! PS: My host is GoDaddy.

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I posted my plea for help a bit too soon. LOL.

To get it working:

  1. Delete MX record on cPanel and CloudFlare,
  2. Create new MX record with Priority 1 pointing to mail.example.com on cPanel and CloudFlare.

So, all is working again. Phew.

Though, I have noticed that email from Outlook.com comes in instantly, while mail from Gmail takes about 20 mins to arrive. Who knows why.

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    It may be GMail. Some e-mail SMTP servers work in intervals and mot real-time. While the e-mail may be queued, it may one to a few minutes for each step of the process. I assume that GMail should be faster. However, it may be that GMail is busy and set it's interval times up due to volume making it less real-time. I have no idea what is normal for GMail. If GMail times are consistent, I would say do not worry about it. It is free e-mail.
    – closetnoc
    Apr 28, 2016 at 15:30

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