I want my website to target a non-English speaking country. I believe that I need to modify something other than the page itself.

I don't speak the language that I want to target. When I used Google for that particular country, Google gives me an English option. I am confused as to what I need to do off page to target that language. Should I target example.com to another sub-directory?

Example: I am targeting in Arabic language. I use google.com.sa and my website is example.com. How to set up Google for that country target?


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There are several things you can do to improve your site's visibility in a geographical / linguistic area.

First, you should add hreflang tags to your html code. Hreflang annotations are used by Google as signs for the intended linguistic and geographical targeting of the content.

Two good sources of information:

Second, you should indicate the geographical targeting in the Search console.

  • Search Traffic > International Targeting, under tab Country

As the poster before me correctly said, meta tags may help google to better rank your site for the targeted audience.

Anyways, to get the site locally ranked it also helps to have a country specific domain but with the new TLDs such as .cloud its a help but not a requirement. Same for IP / CDN, the location of your hosting might matter, but whats more important is loading speed for the country you target. Either get a local host or CDN.

If your site get local attention (mentions and whitehat backlinks in the right context) it should get ranked :).


This belongs to your website SEO, Go to your website . Find meta contents with area target option. Change the targeted country with other countries you wish, then find the targeted area code and edit it to your targeted country.

  • this thing also done but now a days to perform off page activity in that country. Apr 26, 2016 at 14:08

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