In Google Image publishing guidelines there is a paragraph about landing page for each image:

Even if your image appears on several pages on your site, consider creating a standalone landing page for each image, where you can gather all its related information. If you do this, be sure to provide unique information — such as descriptive titles and captions — on each page. You could also enable comments, discussions, or ratings for each picture.

I am wondering in what scenarios this might be beneficial. If Google indexes the landing page for an image, instead of the article where this image is used; it doesn't seem like a good user experience.

E.g: I do an image search for pancakes; and I visit the page that has this image. I would prefer to be taken to a page about pancakes or pancake recipes; not about the pancake image. "Here is an image showing a pancake, it has a width of X and a height of Y. And people like this image (high rating)." Fine; but what about the actual pancake, do people like that?

So; in what scenarios might a standalone landing page for each image be beneficial?

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I think there should be a standalone page for every image that is NOT connected to any article or content...

You should create standalone page just for images used for example as background images or logos...

Then, it doesnt matter what description is showed.

  • What would be the benefit of that? I don't expect to get much traffic from my background image. Commented Apr 27, 2016 at 14:31
  • That is not benefit...i just explained where should be standalone page. I think this standalone page system is useless. Every image should redirect you where it is posted Commented Apr 27, 2016 at 14:38

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