I'm trying to study real world usage of a search page in a website. The search results page use URL parameters for its settings. The parameters are very simple and straight forward, for example:


Studying the raw logs on the web server of http access is what I really want to do but I can't as the logs have been disabled on this particular server.

However, as the site has been setup with Google Analytics for a while I assume there is a complete record of access to the search results page INCLUDING all the URL parameters. From this I concluded it can't be too difficult to obtain a report from Analytics that shows all the access to this page and for me to then export the report so that I can obtain raw data on the url parameters used.

Yet I'm finding it difficult to find a report or option within Analytics that will let me do this. Does anyone know of a way to focus on url parameters like this ?


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Create a custom report with pageviews as the metric and page as the dimension and set a filter for page contains /search?. This will give you the hits to each search result broken out by various combinations of URL parameters.

Here is a screenshot that might help.

custom report setup

You might want to set up site-search in the view settings and setting location as the search parameter. That way you can see reports like that much easier in the future.

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    May 10, 2016 at 23:39
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