We have created an web application that gives the client the possibility to use his websites as an online showroom (cars, bikes, etc etc).

What is offered is photo's, information about the vehicles and so on.

However, we would like to offer this as an iframe rather then developing plugins for certain CMS systems (Drupal, WordPress etc etc) or giving an file_get_contents/curl method.

The only downside we can think of is that the content within the iframe isn't going to be indexed by Google.

Is it possible to let it be indexed to the parent webpage? So that the content of the iframe belongs to Domain A.

We've tried it with canonical tags but this didn't work.

Any ideas or is this just not possible?.


Solution for client:

If the client want to get seo benefit out of this, then they can call this url from their backend and render it using a headless browser like prerender and include that as a html on page. So that crawler can see that content and index it.


Solution from you - the provider

Other way around, you should add this capability in your system, to be a complete solution for your clients.

Create a rest api that client can call and get the html, rather than the using html url in iframe. So this will add flexibility to your application and make your clients happy.

Your api can be :


In mode html : you can return the complete page html as a string (the current content in your iframe url as html string that client can include in page from backend)

In mode iframe : return what you are returning currently

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