I have a well indexed site say: example.com. I use webmaster for keyword/traffic analysis, Google Analytics for many other things like performance, transactions calculations(using sale performance, e-commerce(), etc.

Now through Google Search Console, I know the SEO traffic of my site eparated by branded vs non branded search terms. For Example: 1000 users on site through SEO, out of which 800 come through non branded search terms like best time to play cricket and branded like best time to play cricket example.com.

Google Analytics gives me total e-commerce report transactions: Say these transactions are 100 /day with SEO attributing to 25 transactions. I want to get how many out of these 25 SEO transactions were done by branded and how much by non-branded.

There is an option to link Google Analytics with Google Search Console which I have done, but its not helping in getting query on search engine vs transaction ratio. Can we get this done through these tools?

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Analytics allows you to customise channel groupings: Custom Channel Groupings

You can define brand terms and use these to set up a customised grouping. Then use it to filter your conversions in Analytics. I would suggest doing it on an alternative view to the default - that way you can switch back and forth depending on your needs.

  • Thanks Liam, we are looking on this solution to find if this works for us.
    – abhinsit
    Apr 8, 2016 at 9:39

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