We seem to be experiencing issues with some of our jpeg product images displaying colours differently across different browsers. (When wrong, they look as if their hues have been shifted and vibrancy has been turned up)

IE11 looks to be showing the correct colours we'd expect, but FF, Chrome and in some instances Safari (iPhone5s and iPad2) are showing the weird versions of our colours?

enter image description here

Not sure if the image code above words so here is the image url from our blog

  • Apologies if this is not the best exchange for this question, wasn't too sure which was best and as it's showing in the browser i thought i'd plum for this one. – bbacarat Apr 7 '16 at 10:25
  • I can confirm that that image does not look correct in Firefox for me. I'm not sure if it is the cause of the issue, but it has a header that says that it is black and white. If I open it with the GIMP it looks correct. If I then export it to a different JPEG file and open it in firefox it looks correct. – Stephen Ostermiller Apr 7 '16 at 10:49
  • On Windows? On FreeBSD, my workstation, they look the same with Firefox and Chrome. – Rob Apr 7 '16 at 12:58
  • @Rob I'm on windows but my colleagues see it on their mac's also. – bbacarat Apr 7 '16 at 13:25
  • I forgot to mention that they look the same but like the one on the right. – Rob Apr 7 '16 at 13:27

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