I am about to move my website from 1and1 to Shopify, but 1and1 will remain the domain manager. The website transfer requires me to create a subdomain in 1and1 that is directed to Shopify and also change the CNAME.

I did not complete the process because when I changed the CNAME as directed by Shopify, a pop up warning from 1and1 stated that after changing CNAME all MX numbers will be deleted. I need to maintain the MX on the root domain because 1and1 will continue to handle my email.

My question is whether the word "all" in the pop up entails the MX numbers on the root domain too or just the MX numbers for the subdomain. I don't want the root domain MX numbers changed or I lose email. I've talked to two 1and1 tech support reps and they cannot seem to give me a straight answer.

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    My best advice is for you on this one is to call their tech support and ask for a supervisor if you can. Escalate your issue and do not let the tech support people run you around. See if that gets you anywhere. This is such a specific question regarding your web host, I am not able to help you. Sorry. I wish I could. – closetnoc Apr 2 '16 at 2:22

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