I see many questions concerning the Google Search Console and Google Webmaster Tools. What is the major differences between the two services and which one should I be using for my Website? Is it possible to just use one or do I need to use both services to submit a sitemap?


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What is the major differences between the two services?

None. Nada. Zip. Bupkis.

They are precisely the same thing. Webmaster tools was renamed Search Console.

Thanks to @w3dk - He was able to find the original announcement here:



From what I have seen it looks like Google Webmasters is converting to Google Search Console. I have had google webmasters bookmarked since inception and once I signed up for google search console my webmaster bookmark redirects to search console.


It is the same service. The service is called search console and is also referred to as webmaster tools. You have "webmasters/tools" in the URL and "search console" as the title of the page.


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