I have a tree-like datastructure of some six levels deep, that I would like to represent on a single webpage (can be tabs, trees; ....)

In each level both childnodes and content are possible. Presenting it like a real tree would be not very usable (too big).

I was thinking in the lines of hiding parts of the tree when you drill down and presenting a breadcrumbs or the like to keep you informed as to where you are...

I guess my question boils down to : any ideas / examples ?



Have you seen the way Visual Thesaurus handles its complex tree structures? With their visualization, they can easily handle more than six levels in a tree.

  • +1, tx, it might be an idea, but they don't do 6 levels of course, and what's more, it only works if the content is rather small – Peter Feb 15 '11 at 12:59

Have a look at the JIT spacetree visualisation (www.thejit.org). They use JSON.


You might like to consider an approach like github's tree slider, which allows you to drill down through complex directory and file structures.

It's a beautiful solution to display complex datasets, and their implementation is the best I've seen.


Freemind is a Mindmap creator that exports to flash and to html with JavaScript. It's very easy to use and efficient, but the looks is not as spectacular as the solutions above.

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