I bought a domain name for new site. Within a month, on a domain, there was nothing but an empty root directory of the page something like "Index of / [ICO] Name Last modified Size Description".

I read that for new domains until developing is best to make a page with a brief description of the future site. Very soon I will publish my site on hosting, will i have a negative seo impact for last month with a blank page? Pretty nice domain, but as long as there is a possibility I can change him beforehand. Is there at least some sense to me to do so?


Short answer: Spent the time you worry about this on development and you'll be just fine.

Longer answer:
No, it's not perfect, but it wont really have much noteworthy effect on your results. A single page, low content, temperal page doesn't get you further anyways.

If you think it'll be an improvement for you visitors, then invest some time on it, otherwise you can leave it be. If you feel a bit better to have a page, spend half an hour on it.

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