I have two possible domains to use for a company website which will be partly informational and partly an commerce site. The company is ETREE UK LTD.

I can choose between etr.ee or etree.biz.

The reason I want to move away from etree.biz is because we do not own etree.com. This means we may lose traffic to that site. I also find etr.ee to be convenient and easier to use when directing people to the site.

Would using a .ee domain impact my site's SEO?


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I've been in the digital space for many years and worked at a digital marketing agency, and when I would clean up backlink profiles for my clients, .biz websites were almost always spammy and never offered any link value to another domain.

That being said, Google may de-value a .biz domain in comparison to others (this is just a hunch, because they'll never release their true ranking factors).

Also, it's not recommended to buy a domain that you can't own the .com "version."

That being said, using etr.ee (and other common TLDs such as .io which was a bit trendy) is probably a better bet. Not only is it (arguably) easier for your customers to remember, but there have been an influx of similarly named domains which is new to these search engines. If indeed Google may find the majority of .biz domains questionable, etr.ee would be neutral ground, if anything.

  • Domain name hack aside, the problem with your recommendation is that etr and ee have no semantic value and the OP would lose significant search value over the .biz option. That said, I REALLY APPRECIATE(!!) (did I put enough emphasis in?) your remarks about the .biz TLD. It may be better for the OP to think harder for a worthwhile domain name. We get this a lot. Many people struggle thinking of a domain name and get derailed with pseudo clever stuff along the way. Cheers!!
    – closetnoc
    Commented Mar 26, 2016 at 0:50
  • The question was edited to better focus on whether to use a ccTLD (Estonia) versus a gTLD, so you might want to reformulate your answer based on that.
    – dan
    Commented Mar 26, 2016 at 1:19

using .ee will have negative impact only if you

  • offer localized services or products


  • offer them not to estonians (people located in Estonia)

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