Since I am new to all this stuff. I have a main site, example.com. On that site I am going to offer a few services and products and for each thing I am thinking to create a separate subdomain. For instance my-awesome-hr-product.example.com etc.

Now question has two parts

  • If I add a site via Search Console and add the root url my-awesome-hr-product.example.com to the index, is it Ok or I will have penalty, assuming of sub domain link is added on main site (example.com) or not.
  • In terms of promoting my sub-domain, what step should I take to rank it up?

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  • No, you won't have penalty.
  • You can think your subdomain as a new site and behave according to this.

e.g. It is easy to see lots of websites which are their subdomains or subdirectories are more popular than the main website. (tympanus.net/codrops is a good example.) You can also see Google has moved fonts.google.com to www.google.com/fonts.

Google has moved fonts directory back to fonts subdomain.


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