I'm studying schemas for a future project and I find this encoding property. The information about it leads to a cycle of repeated information and I still don't know the purpose of this one.

Anybody can help me?


Let’s say you write about a song on your blog, and you offer it for download as MP3 and OGG.

A MusicRecording item describes the song, with properties like byArtist (for the song’s artist) and about (for the song’s topic). This data is about the song (i.e., the work), independent of the digital files that "encode" this song.

Such a digital file can be referenced with the encoding property. It takes a MediaObject item as value (in this example, we’d use the child type AudioObject), with properties like encodingFormat (e.g., "OGG") and contentSize (e.g., "2.9 MB").

Example (in RDFa Lite):

<article vocab="http://schema.org/" typeof="MusicRecording">

  <h1 property="name">sad robot</h1>
  <div property="byArtist" typeof="MusicGroup"><span property="name">pornophonique</span></div>
  <link property="url" href="/sad-robot" />

  <div property="encoding" typeof="AudioObject">
    <div property="encodingFormat">OGG</div>
    <div property="contentSize">2.9 MB</div>
    <a property="contentUrl" href="/sad-robot.ogg">Download</a>

  <div property="encoding" typeof="AudioObject">
    <div property="encodingFormat">MP3</div>
    <div property="contentSize">3.1 MB</div>
    <a property="contentUrl" href="/sad-robot.mp3">Download</a>

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Schema is suppose to describe the information and not the transport format.

Encoding is the process of converting data into a format required for a number of information processing needs.

So, encoding encapsulates data.

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