When creating structured data using Schema.org/Person, does the birth date need to be in a specific format?

Currently on the website I am working on the birth dates are written as: "15 Jan 1980"

Should it be written as "15.01.1980" or perhaps using hyphens instead of the period sign?

Is it a specific format that should be followed?

This question applies for any Schema.org type that has a "date" field, not just for Person.

  • I just tested and used Apr 8 1981 as the date format. When validating the page with the Google structured data testing tool, it shows 1981-04-08 under the results snippet. So, Google is smart enough to make the connection himself. However, Bing markup validator shows "Apr 8 1981".
    – ClawDuda
    Commented Mar 15, 2016 at 14:25

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Schema.org's getting started guide specifies the expected format for dates.

YYYY-MM-DD format should be used when it is just a date without a time:

<time datetime="2011-04-01">04/01/11</time>

It also says how to add the time of day and deal with durations.

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