my page runs at https://example.com/city. The user who enters example.com in the browser will automatically be redirected to https://example.com/city.

Which properties do I have to add to Google Webmaster Tools? Do I add:



And does Google understand that everybody is redirected to /city/ or do I have to add these URLs as well as the above to Webmaster Tools? In complete:





This seems a bit to much? Can somebody please enlighten me? Thanks.

  • You should be using just one, HTTPS or HTTP. As well, you should be using just one, www or non-www. In the end, you are only going to worry about one, for example, HTTPS with www. The /city thing does not come into play. Ignore it for now. – closetnoc Mar 15 '16 at 15:35

Submitting all version of website in Google search console, will not make you in trouble, so feel free to add all type of properties.

I suggest to submit this one properties first - https://example.com/city - And submit your sitemap to this property, so all crawling, indexing and ranking data will display into this property.

Additionally, you can add your main website https://example.com, but don't submit sitemap to this property, because may be in future, you will going to add another city like https://example.com/anotherCity.

If example.com/city and www.example.com/city automatically redirect to https://example.com/city, then you don't need to add other properties, but adding other properties will not cost you anything, just focus on one property, and submit your sitemap to that one only.

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