I want to insert an HTML5 banner on our Reviver Adserver (version 3.2.2). Here's what I did :

  1. Created a new banner;
  2. Selected 'Generic HTML banner' from the dropdown menu;
  3. Copied the ad's HTML code;
  4. Pasted it in the text input area;
  5. In the 'Alter HTML to enable click tracking for' dropdown, I selected Revive AdServer;
  6. Enabled the 'This banner can be safely displayed inside an iframe (e.g. is not expandable)' option
  7. Entered the size of the banner;
  8. And finally, saved everything.

When I try to open the webpage where the banner should appear, the iframe is there, but it is showing nothing at all.

What am I missing ?


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Revive AdServer has a number of troubleshooting steps that you can follow if the ad isn't showing on your site, some of they key ones are...

  • Try adding the client code to a blank HTML page as some of your HTML, javascript, or CSS may be interfering with the showing of a given ad or ad unit.
  • Try waiting for up to 20 minutes. There is a delivery cache for active servers.
  • Check the zones probability tab as this will tell you what banners are ecpected to be used and how often.

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