My company's search engine generates a hash/pound sign (#) instead of a question mark for search queries: Search.htm#search- followed by exactly the user's input string.

http://www.example.com/productVersion/content/Search.htm#search-users search terms here

As you can see, it's clearly not a key-value query pair.

For the Query parameter setting in GA, I've tried various forms of #search-, search-, and just search, but GA really seems to key off the URL query parameter (a question mark).

What can I do? I'm using analytics.js, not ga.js, so please don't try pushing _setAllowAnchor().


GA by default excludes anything after a fragment, but if you wanted to include that into your page reports, or other reports, you would need to overwrite the page parameter, like this;

var newPath = document.location.pathname + document.location.search + document.location.hash;
ga('send', 'pageview', {'page':newPath});
  • That more or less did the trick. I modified it a bit to rewrite the hash into a query and send that back instead. Thanks for the help! – Mike K. Mar 3 '16 at 17:08

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