I'm using an image serving application on nginx/1.4.6 (Ubuntu), but it was made for Apache2. Images are uploaded to directory "/imageshare/images/extension/" where the filename is randomly generated, but the URL outputted by the application is shortened, located at domain.tld/image/filename.

The application maintainer gives advice on .htaccess for Apache2, but says they can't provide help for Nginx. What can I put in my Nginx configuration file to redirect images to a different URL on the same domain while not changing the location of those files?

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To direct the URL domain.tld/image/filename to the local path /imageshare/images/extension/filename, use the alias directive (see this for details):

location /image/ {
    alias /path/to/imageshare/images/extension/;

If you really do mean to rewrite the URL to another URL, use:

location /image/ {
    rewrite ^/image(.*)$ /imageshare/images/extension$1 last;

See this for details. The last modifier causes the rewrite to be internal, which means that the client does not see it. Use redirect or permanent to make the redirection visible to the client.

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