I manage a Plesk (12) server with a single dedicated IP address. rDNS is set to a generic hostname as multiple unrelated websites are hosted on the same server.

In Tools & Settings > IP Addresses I've set the default site to "None" so that no particular website loads by default when the IP is visited directly. However, when I add a new domain, that automatically becomes the default website for the IP and I have to go back into Tools & Settings > IP Addresses to change it back to "None" every time.

Plesk default IP Address

Is there a way to set the default website on the IP to none and have that setting stick?

  • I have set the IP address as shared and the default site is none, and stays that way.
    – user29671
    Feb 26, 2016 at 11:31

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If you set your IP address to be distributed as a shared IP address then the default site will stay as none even when you add new domains.

If it's a shared IP then the server doesn't know what site to show when clicking the IP address, unless you specify it. I seem to recall having to specify the site in times past for dedicated IP addresses though, so if they are defaulting to a whatever domain then that's useful as dedicated IP's normally have just one domain on.


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