We would like to change the following URLs as follows: (old versions to the left, being changed to new versions on the right)

  1. www.ex.com/xxx/full-seo-term -> www.ex.com/half-seo-term1/half-seo-term2 - leaving out random keywords and instead only having seo phrases

  2. www.ex.com/seo-word/seo-word -> www.ex.com/seo-phrase/seo-phrase/ Replacing seo words with seo phrases at all levels

  3. www.ex.com/seo-word/seo-word/seo-phrase/ -> www.ex.com/seo-phrase/seo-phrase reducing number of levels in site structure and keeping seo phrases early

  4. www.ex.com/* having the full website in only one level below the domain


We've talked about this practice here a lot of time. URL structure is important thing, so I'm just going to put you a picture so you can see clearly what's the great structure of URL.

enter image description here

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    Nice clear graphic! This addresses readability very well which influences CTR. A very important aspect. – closetnoc Feb 22 '16 at 12:58

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