The Agent part of this type is throwing me off. A real estate agent is part of an agency so when this type is being used to identify a local business, is the agency the address? Or would a real estate agent not use this schema to identify a local business if the agent is part of an agency? Can you be an agent without an agency?


The Schema.org type RealEstateAgent is a sub-type of LocalBusiness, which represents a "particular physical business".

So RealEstateAgent represents the business (with a physical location, i.e., an address), not a person that works for this business (that would have to be an entity of type Person). Of course a single person can form a RealEstateAgent business, but the person and the business would still be different entities.

  • I've got one more question. Let me know if I should ask this as a new question. Can this markup be used for a real estate agent if the employee type is used to identify the agent? If so, would the contactPoint be the agent or the agency that the agent is part of? – John R Perry Feb 15 '16 at 12:27
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    @JohnRPerry: employee is a property which allows to say that a RealEstateAgent employs a Person. The RealEstateAgent is still the item that represents the business, and Person is the item that represents the employee of that business. Each of these items can have a ContactPoint; if it’s a contact point for the business, you’d specify it on RealEstateAgent, if it’s a contact point for the person, you’d specify it on Person. – unor Feb 15 '16 at 18:37

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