If I have many backlinks that points to http://example.com and then enforce SSL so that the URL then becomes https://example.com, What should I do to ensure that I do not lose these backlinks? One will say: Use 301, that's correct, but, what if I also plan to move from domain x to domain y... An action that will itself include 301's... I guess I should first replace the domain, and only than change the protocol and only then make final redirects.

What do you think?

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If you're going to move to HTTPS, the right kind of redirect to use is a 301 redirect, which says you've moved the page permanently to a new spot.

About the use of 301 redirects when moving to a new domain, Google says the following:

If you can do those [301] redirects to do the granularity of page level to page level, that's a great user experience. And the PageRank and those sorts of things should flow relatively well to the new site as well.

Google has said some PageRank is lost on 301 redirects though; I do not know if they make an exception for this case. However, HTTPS will positively affect your site's ranking, so switching to HTTPS is unlikely to hurt your site's rank.

(Make sure to read Google's other advice on moving your site to HTTPS as well.)

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