I am migrating a WordPress website from a Plesk server to a cPanel server. Before I change the nameservers to point to the new website, I would like to test that everything is ok (e.g., database, files, etc...).


I cannot visit the migrated website if the nameservers are not set. I tried typing the IP directly in my browser, but of course it didn't work, since there are many websites hosted in the same server.

So I guess my question is: How can I access the website before the new nameservers are set? Is it even possible?


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cPanel can do this by going to the following url: http://[ip-address]/~[cPanel-username]

  • touche. that's an answer.
    – Josip Ivic
    Commented Feb 9, 2016 at 12:30
  • This is an Apache feature, not strictly cPanel. However, this won't work if you are using root-relative URLs.
    – MrWhite
    Commented Feb 9, 2016 at 17:44

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