I sell many custom products. The nature of the custom product industry is that there is a fee tacked onto the order itself, not the products. So a person ordering custom red cups and custom blue cups has the same fee as a person ordering only custom green lids.

Is there a way to pass this information into Google so my advertised price is represented alongside that order-level fee?

I see that Google's Schema Offer reference has an addOn section, but I think that really applies to up-selling. I am open to clever use, though.

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An Offer can reference a PriceSpecification item with the priceSpecification property:

One or more detailed price specifications, indicating the unit price and delivery or payment charges.

This definition refers to the three PriceSpecification sub-classes:

But if these aren’t appropriate for your case, there’s nothing wrong with using the PriceSpecification type directly.

However, if you can model it with addOn as separate Offer (if it works for you to have a "customization offer", so to say), I think this would be a more suitable solution.

I can’t say if Google currently supports either of these, but I’d guess that the addOn way would more likely to be supported, because it’s defined to be an additional/optional offer, while priceSpecification could also refer to something that’s included in the price (and by using PriceSpecification instead of a more specific type, consumers don’t really have a chance to understand what this price specification is about).

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