I have a Google AdSense account that using account [email protected]

Google AdSense is working fine and I earned money.

I recreated another account [email protected] and AdSense account. I violated the terms with invalid click.

My second account [email protected] has been disabled but I still able to login my first account [email protected]

I can't display my Google AdSense ads with my first account [email protected]. I tried send invalid appeal form to them. Here's there reply:

we've noticed that your account has not been disabled for invalid activity

Has my site has been blocked? How do I check the problem?

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You are only allowed to have one Google AdSense account. Just having multiple accounts is a violation of the terms of service that can get your accounts shut down.

When you have invalid clicks on your account Google almost never allows you to re-active an account. I'm afraid that you have burned your bridges with Google and will not be able to use AdSense services in the future.

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