So, I've noticed while browsing facebook that some most links that I click on open in the usual Facebook browser, with the blue header, address bar, and footer. But then every once in a while I come across a link that loads (quite quickly) with a thin black header, and no footer or address bar. These pages seem pretty minimal, only showing the relevant content.

Here are two examples I found, both from Slate, one of each kind. I've viewed the source of both and cannot find out what in the code (if anything) causes Facebook to load it differently.

Can anyone explain why this happens, and is there anything I can code into my webpages to cause them to load with the thin black header? Thanks!

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AHHH! Finally found it, with much Googling. This feature is called "Instant Articles"


That site contains a description of this feature and a video about it. Hope this helps someone else!

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