I have couple domain names which I wanted to park the domain with Bodis. But I also need their subdomain to be available for me for email access (i.e. mail.example.com). The domain is registered via Google Domains. Bodis give two options to do so. The first is to use their nameservers


The second is to use CNAME records:

www 61076.BODIS.COM
(blank) 61076.BODIS.COM
* 61076.BODIS.COM

However, Google Domains does not allow the (blank) CNAME as it throws the following error:

CNAME records for the root domain are not supported

I am not sure if it will enough to have the www and * CNAME records, or not? But, is there any alternative to have both the cream and the pie?

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The Bodis support team returned to me with the following:

If you require that your email.example.com subdomain is available to you, you're going to need to omit * (asterisks) part of your zone file and only include www 61076.BODIS.COM

When CNAME forwarding, typically only the third level subdomain (www.example.com) can be forwarded while the parent domain (example.com) resolves to the registrar.

Therefore, you will need to use A record forwarding if you intend to park the second level parent domain (example.com). Please forward example.com to either www.example.com or our parking server IP:, using your A record.

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