We are facing issues with deployment of DHIS2 with PostgreSQL on AWS. We need help. This is our setup: 1. AWS Beanstalk Tomcat container running DHIS2 (last stable release) 2. AWS RDS instance of Postgresql

My question is: - How do I make DHIS2 use PostgreSQL. Documentation talks about configuring the setup using hibernate.properties ... but where is that file?

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You will have to create the hibernate.properties config file yourself. Note that after version 2.22 the file is called dhis.conf. You can place the configuration in whichever location you prefer. You must define an environment variable called DHIS2_HOME which points to the directory in which you placed the dhis.conf / hibernate.properties file.

You can define environment variables in the Beanstalk Web interface from Configuration > Software configuration.

DHIS 2 installation documentation is found here.

AWS Beanstalk environment variables documentation is found here.

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