I have a couple domains under one GA account. I have a set of pages setup like:

domain1.com/listing/{UNIQUE ID} domain2.com/listing/{UNIQUE ID}

Unique ID is a dynamic listing id. How can I run a report to find out the most popular listing for the last month? I am sort of new to GA.


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One option would be create a custom report and configure like this:

enter image description here

where you capture the page and its pageviews (optionally with unique pageviews), and also you would need to set a filter on the page to capture only those within the domain1.com/listing/ and domain2.com/listing/ folders. Also, you would need to be capturing the hostname, too, which is a good idea since you have two domains coming into the same property.


You can follow @nyuen guide. But, you can also use Google Webmaster Tools(GWT) to find out popular pages easily.

First go here and click on associate properties to link your GWT to analytics

Then you can access search analytic directly from webmaster tools, like this.

Search Analytic From Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster show most significant hits, while Analytic show all traffic source including fake bot traffic. So GWT will show you actual popular pages compare to Google Analytic

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