When analyzing our shop system, all SEO tools complain unanimously that there are too many internal links. We have a main menu bar integrated into all shop pages, containing links to our about 900 categories and subcategories in a tree-like view.

Now, adding resonable text to the categories and linking to it's subcategories seems like a waste, as it is only one link in about a thousand, making the process a bit ridiculous.

Is there a way to tell search engines something like "This is only a menu, don't listen to all the links it contains" via HTML? We'd like to keep the menu as a navigation option for users used to it and not remove it just because the SEO analytics complain about it - usability over SEO, if you will.

How is this solved in general, without compromising the navigation option?

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  • Firstly you should answer the question: which kinds of pages should rank? categories, sub-categories, product detail pages?
  • Then change all unnecessary links (links from important to not important pages and links from not important to not important pages) from a href (GET) to button (POST)
  • Then set all unnecessary pages to noindex

On this way you minimize the amount of pages and links only to those, which are important, should rank and transfer link juice.

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