What is the technical name of that class of tool that pops up 5 to 6 images and asks you to pick all the 'xyz' items from that list? CAPTCHA is text on a funny background and you are asked to read that text and type it as an answer to unlock some part of the web-site - this however is asking you to identify some subset of images as verification you are a human.

(source: kym-cdn.com)

  • AFAIK it's just another type of CAPTCHA - a system used to determine whether a user is a human. A "picture CAPTCHA", "picture classification CAPTCHA"? I have not heard of a "technical" (or "official") name for this type of captcha?
    – MrWhite
    Nov 10 '15 at 14:32

This kind of spam prevention is usually provided by the reCAPTCHA service from Google. IMHO this is an advanced spam protection service based on the principles of CAPTCHA. While I do not think reCAPTCHA is a technical name and there could also be other advanced implementations of CAPTCHA-like spam protection.

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