The user sends a file via HTML form <input type="file" ... /> CGI script, installed on the server, receives the file and, say, writes it down to the disk. As simple as only possible. As I understand, files, sent to the server via POST, are stored in the RAM on the Server, before they are written on the disk. (If I am not right - please, correct me). The question is IF the file, that a user sends, weights 2GB and the server (just for example) has only 1GB of RAM on board? What will happen then? Thanks!


I found an answer: the data is paged onto disk. So, there is no problems with CGI at sending vast data to server. Thanks.

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    Like ram, disk space is not unlimited. What you need to do is limit the file upload size so that a guest wont upload hundreds of gigs of data in one go. – Mike Nov 3 '15 at 17:46

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