I'm running an e-commerce site, let's say in www.example.com. I'm planning to create a mobile optimized site m.example.com and both Android and iOS app.

I'm planning to track all of them using a single Google Universal Analytics Property and put different appName. And after that I just need to create a View for all of them by filtering by Application Name. In this way I can get unified product impression easily.

Before I do that, I'm just wondering what are the implications, i.e. the pro and cons, and is there anything I should expect? Or what are the best practices for this?

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Since we live in a world of responsive web, the practice of m.mobilefriendly.com sites is dying off. Google can already filter this traffic for desktop/tablet/mobile views. For Apps, I have found it best to create a new property view as there are different elements you will be tracking and the user experience is usually very different from a web based one.

If you want a to analyse all of this data at once, you can download the data into a spreadsheet and use it from there with any fancy filters you want.

hope this helps.

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