I'm using Dreamweaver and running a flash gaming site with 400 games. I was updating things to add meta-data (for SEO). I wasn't sure weather to go with dynamic metadata or static metadata.

I have 1 home page that's supposed to link to 400 pages. http://www.funkygames.co/ However, I decided to go with static metadata (heard its better for SEO crawlers) .

I know how to dynamically generate 400 "dynamic" pages from 1 dynamic link. [see: listing.php below). I even know how to make them generate clean URLs. but I don't know how to link to 400 "static" pages from 1 dynamic link.

Ex. The homepage should Link to static pages to below: (Static pages contain the unique metadata).


Currently the homepage Links dynamically to:

listing.php?games_path=<?php echo $row_gamesList['games_path']; ?
>&category_id=<?php echo $row_gamesList['category_id']; ?>

(This was based on the "game.swf" and the "game-category" [used for "similar games"]).

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Here's the solution if anyone is interested. shrugs

/games/<?php echo $row_gamesList['game_file']; ?>?games_path=<?php echo $row_gamesList['games_path']; ?>&category_id=<?php echo $row_gamesList['category_id']; ?>

Added the database category "game_file" then linked it dynamically to the website. "game_file" contains all 400 static php files.

So now I just needed to add "/games/" or "/action/" before that. (Or whatever path your stuff will be in.)

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