As a website developer I have to add basic SEO features into the website. One of the things I have to do is have the business' map show next to its search result.

However I do not want to a google plus account for each one, and then add 10 friends 5 reviews and jump through other hoops for something so simple.

Is there an alternative way?


With "map of business next to google search" I assume you mean the Knowledge Graph?

You could use structured data on your website. If structured correctly, Google can decide to use this for the knowledge graph. To do this you can use schema.org to construct the data, then embed into your webpage using JSON-LD, RDFa, or microdata. This is however no guarantee. Google will probably not trust this info straight away, especially if you are lacking the Google+ page and Google Maps entry. It probably depends on your pagerank and backlinks, there is not much info on this matter. Some say Google uses a lot of info from Wikipedia for this. Others also suggest to get your website/business in freebase, since Google uses that website for data "scraping" too. Also, see Google Structured Data for basic info and guidelines. I don't see anything there about Google+, so seems totally possible without it. After that see Testing your markup to see if you implemented the structured data correctly and understand how Google interprets your data.

BTW. You don't need followers for your google+ page to get a knowledge graph. I made a website for a local business, created a google+ page with only me as its follower, made a local business entry in google maps, and added the structured data. The knowledge graph was visible the next day. Good luck!

  • Thanks, I will go through the resources and see if it is a good alternative. Good to know that you only need to have the G+ page and don't have to worry about reviews and followers. Guess the troubleshooting forum I saw just tried everything to resolve another user's issue.
    – Nightwolf
    Oct 29 '15 at 6:49

There is no need to have follower on g+ for a local business page, with that page you can see the map with pinpoint, at the side of search results

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