Here is some info about removing a website from Bing Webmaster. It is very easy, you just select the site in the list and click delete.

enter image description here

But in my case, the website is not showing up in the overview.

I keep on getting these emails though:

Dear Webmaster,

This is a monthly report on the open issues categories we have detected on your site.

http://example.com/ Crawl Errors 1 Please visit the Bing Webmaster Tools at your convenience for detailed information.

Thanks, Bing Webmaster Team

To unsubscribe or change the frequency of this message, please visit the Bing Webmaster Tools to update your preference.

And I don't want to turn off messages from Bing Webmaster altogether. I could filter out emails from Webmaster containing example.com but that's not really nice either.

I don't have access to the domain name any more.

Is there a way to remove this domain name, which doesn't show in the list, from Bing Webmaster?

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    Ouch that image hurts my eyes. Oct 16, 2015 at 10:17
  • True that! I just learned how to get smaller size images. And I learned a bit more about the Gimp. I hope it hurts less now.
    – the
    Oct 16, 2015 at 14:39


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