I restored a ten-year-old phpBB forum, and after upgrading it to 3.1.x, I noticed that the quote BBCode is not working correctly (but I don’t know if it worked in the old version).

If no username/URL is specified, everything’s fine:


But if the username/URL is specified, the format in old posts looks like this:


while phpBB seems to require this format (and this is also what the post editor generates):


So the quotes around the name/URL are missing.

How could I convert this BBCode in old posts? Or is it possible to make the version without quotation marks work in addition to the new one?


I just hunted down the code that Nathan and I developed back when we released version 1 of phpBB and it did use both quote= and quote=""

Here is the related code, perhaps it can point you in the right direction:

$text = preg_replace("/\[quote="(.*?)"\]/si",$bbcode_tpl['quote_username_open'], $text);

and for the .tpl file:

<!-- BEGIN quote_username_open -->
<table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="3" border="0" id="quoted-member">
        <td><span class="NormText"><b>{USERNAME}:</b></span></td>
        <td class="Comments_Quote">
<!-- END quote_username_open -->
  • Thanks! Do you have a suggestion for a possible way to implement this? Should I try to edit phpBB’s definition (in core) for quote so that it accepts both variants? (adding a custom BBCode doesn’t seem to work because of the same name it would need to have) – unor Oct 11 '15 at 5:05

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