I'm trying to exclude my top-level page and certain section pages from a custom report using the exclude filter. It works for a single pattern (i.e. \news), but when I try multiple patterns separated by pipes as described here (i.e. \news|\blog|\catvideos), none of the patterns are filtered. I would create a filter for each pattern but I need more filters than the maximum allowed by analytics. Is there something wrong with my syntax? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Here's a solution I found. Instead of using the "exact" match setting for the filter pattern, I switched to "regex". The regex string to filter the multiple-pattern string in the example above would be ^\/news$|^\/blog$|^\/catvideos$.


Select "Matching Regex" instead of "containing" while filtration. And then simply enter the pattern you are entering i.e. (\news|\blog)

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