For a project I'm working on we're relying on <iframe>'s to display encapsulated content, but we're concerned about SEO.

My question is, how does Google/Bing view srcDoc content? Is it associated with the parent frame or with the iframe itself? What if the <iframe> has no src attribute?

Any help/links would be appreciated!

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Google means, it does its best to correctly recognize the content in iframes, while iframes are indeed violation against w3c, because iframes establish situation, where one url could get more then one head (one head of the site, and other head of the iframe src site).

My strong recommendation, if you make use of iframe, do explicit control of the iframe content:

  • if you want iframe content is indexed, don't use <head></head> on the iframe src page - just put the content in it.
  • if you don't want iframe content is indexed - use <head><meta name="robots" content="noindex" /></head> on the iframe src page. To close iframe src pages with robots.txt doesn't help, because iframe src pages are linked.

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