I would like to track how users progresses with my quizzes. So, I should track somehow the following information:

  • quiz id
  • question id
  • answer user gave

Also, I should track additional information (like user started the quiz, user returned back to the previous question etc.).

I am thinking about events usage, but can not understand what to assign to category, action, label and value. The category could be answer, the value is the actual answer user gave, but where to pass quiz id and question id?

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Depending number of users and quiz attempted, total number of events could exceed the limits provided by analytics. In this frequent events, we need custom solution to track behaviours of users on questions.

Summary :

1.Large number of events 2. Custom tracking solution required


These documentations should help you:

Presume you have a quiz with two questions. Each question has two answers. The next question you can see only after you answered the first question and clicked a link "next question".

So you should track a link "next question" with following five informations:

onClick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘quiz’, ‘click_to_question_2’, ‘question1’, 2, true]);”

The value 2, between question1 and true, is the number of the answer given to the question - i.e. a number of the radio button clicked by user.

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