I have a home page that is a landing page for a software product. I have read that you can't get rich snippets to show for the homepage.

Is there tricks or alternatives to get the rich snippets to show?

Would a 301 redirect help any, or am I out of luck?

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    What type of snippet are you trying to show? What would you want to redirect that you think would help? Commented Oct 5, 2015 at 17:50

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do you have a one-pager? in general its not a good idea to make a startpage a landing page. make any subpage to your product page, like yoursite.com/productpage, then there will be no problem to implement any structured data generating rich snippets.

  • Why is it not a good idea to make a startpage a landing page? Commented Oct 6, 2015 at 12:36
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    its not a good idea to make a startpage a landing page for product. the startpage serves normally as a router, for distribution of visitors. i mean, startpage should be optimized for (generic, or brand, or product category) keywords, but not for (a sole) product keywords.
    – Evgeniy
    Commented Oct 6, 2015 at 12:49
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    @Evgeniy Good advice that everyone should remember. I just posted an answer on another question and echoed some of the same advice. Great minds think alike! (this means you are in trouble...)
    – closetnoc
    Commented Oct 6, 2015 at 17:14

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